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Benefits of ISFJs Learning to Use Their Intuition or Inner Guide

Are you an ISFJ Myers-Briggs personality type who stays awake at night worrying? Have others told you that you are a negative person? Maybe you have a difficult time when something in your life changes.

Probably one of your lowest priorities is learning how to be aware of and use your inner guide or intuition. But there are some huge benefits if you would at least consider it.

Here’s Some Benefits for ISFJs to Use Their Intuition…



ISFJs tend to overload themselves or to be overloaded by others. They can easily find themselves struggling to meet everyone’s expectations, especially their own.


ISFJs can have a really hard time being positive. They tend to function from history and past experiences. So, if you are an ISFJ who perceived what happened in the past as bad, you tend to think the future will be the same. That can get anyone down in the dumps.


Changes that life can bring us can be particularly hard to accept for an ISFJ. Many times a situation or relationship needs to reach the breaking point before ISFJs are willing to make any changes.


ISFJs can easily let themselves slide into a life of misery, getting into the same kind of situations over and over. This might be with difficult relationships, physical ailments, or habits like people pleasing.

Yet, if you are an ISFJ, you can end any painful pattern you might have by exploring how you can tap into your inner guidance or intuition.


Are You an ISFJ Who is Ready to Get Help with Using Your Intuition or Inner Guidance?

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