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Why INFJ Personality Types People Please

Probably everyone has gone overboard to please someone at one time or another. But when the INFJ Myers-Briggs personality type has a habit of needing to please, it is exceptionally hard on them. Yet, it’s a common issue to overcome for INFJs. Here are reasons INFJ personality types would fall into the need to please others.

Why INFJs Would People Please…

When they…

  • Try to fit in. INFJs are the rarest of the 16 personality types. So, some might feel they need to please others to be accepted.
  • Want to avoid conflicts and even minor INFJs are sensitive and have the ability to telepathically pick up others’ thoughts and feelings. Bending over backwards and being super nice often calms potential flare ups.
  • Doubt The combination of overthinking and the knack of seeing all sides of a situation can make INFJs second-guess themselves. Instead of taking time to listen to their inner guide or intuition, they could easily fall into the default of people pleasing.
  • Believe saying NO is selfish. INFJs usually have a value system concerned with the well-being of people. But sometimes they forget they are people too and indulge others at their expense.
  • Don’t feel good enough and not as deserving as others. To say INFJs are tough on themselves is an understatement. They have high standards for themselves and when they feel they have fallen short, INFJs might think they need to do something to prove their worth.

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