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Signs You Might Have an ISFJ Personality Type

Of course, taking the Myers-Briggs test (MBTI) is the best way to find out for sure what your personality type is. But if you want to try to figure it out on your own, this might help.

I divided these into two sections, the main signs and the not-so-obvious signs. If you don’t identify with the main ones, you are probably another personality type.

Main Signs That You Might Have an ISFJ Personality Type…

ISFJs Tend to…

1   Have a strong desire to serve others or the “need to be needed.”

2   Have an extremely difficult time believing something if they can’t see, hear, touch, taste, or smell it.

3   Be fond of the past and traditions.

4   Center their lives around family and loved ones.

5   Have an extremely difficult time with change.

6   Keep busy with routines and repetitious activities.


Not-so-Obvious Signs You Might Have an ISFJ Personality Type…

ISFJs Tend to…

1   Worry and have a hard time stopping being negative.

2   Are very loyal.

3   Be really good with remembering memories. They can recall favorite memories in detail.

4   Be sensitive to how their body feels.

5   Need social interaction to stay fulfilled. They come most alive when in the company of family and loved ones.

6   Excel in managing daily tasks.

7   Have a hard time thinking the future will be different from the past.

8   Be frugal, leaning towards saving money over spending it.

9    Feel pressured or trapped from being overloaded by others or even themselves.

10   Have very few close friends. But the longer the friendship, the more they value it.

11   Get so caught up in daily living that they forget to reflect on it.

12   Prove over and over that they can be relied upon.

13   Be patient and genuinely sympathetic to others.

14   Get so concerned with others feelings that they hold back on their thoughts and repress their feelings.

15   Have very good memories, especially with numbers.

16   Be detail oriented.

17   Suffer from illness more than other types.

18   Love to implement and give physical form to other’s ideas.

19   Be fond of history and biographies.

20   Maintain social norms and want to keep the peace.

21   Have a hard time deciphering their own feelings without the input of others.

If you identify with all of the main signs and most of the not-so-obvious signs, you are probably an ISFJ personality type. If so, you are in a good group! Out of all the 16 types, this one has the largest percentage of the population. So, there are lots of like-minded people around you.


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