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Why Is the Attraction to Our Twin Flame So Intense?

What keeps us wanting to be with our twin flame so bad we can’t see straight? You probably guessed that the answer has something to do with love. But, it’s not quite what you think.

The attraction is caused by the intense need to learn how to unconditionally love our twin flame.

We have probably had several lifetimes with our twin flame, stuck in the 3rd dimension mindset (conditional love). The same relationship (with different bodies and different roles) keeps repeating, lifetime after lifetime, until we change our mindset and learn how to love without conditions.

Conditional Love

This is about trying to CONTROL LOVE. The 3rd dimension mindset thinks love is the ability to control ourselves and our twin flame’s behaviors with making promises, having expectations, compromising, making sacrifices, and most of all, using guilt. We really think we can keep our twin flame from running/chasing by using these five methods.

Unconditional Love

This is about believing love is a FEELING that reveals itself when it is extended to our twin flame. People with this mindset think love is the ability to control the love they feel with their own loving thoughts, being grateful, forgiving, and using their inner guidance or intuition.

Good News!

It’s not necessary for both twin flames to raise their mindset to the 4th dimension (unconditional love). Only one of the two needs to love unconditionally, because twin flames are ONE. They are not separate.

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