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Twin Flame: Worried the Relationship is One-sided?

Are you afraid your intense feelings towards someone are one-sided (unrequited love) and they don’t feel the same way about you? Do you think you might be wasting time with love that is not openly returned or rewarded?

This is a common doubt, especially for those who feel the intense energy, but have not met her/him in person yet. Or for those who were lucky enough to get a quick glance of that special person but haven’t seen her/him since.

How Can Love Not be Returned or Rewarded?

The answer is simple. If we are in a 3rd dimension mindset, love is often not returned or rewarded.

About 3rd Dimension Love

The 3rd dimension’s idea of love is doing something to GET something from that special person in return, which is really conditional love. With this mindset, we sure don’t want to waste our time on someone who won’t love us back.

About 4th Dimension Love

The 4th dimension’s idea of love is GIVING loving thoughts to that special person not expecting anything in return, which is unconditional love. With this mindset, we feel the benefits right away. The love in the relationship will increase. The more unconditionally loving thoughts we give to that special person, the better we feel. As long as we have a wonderful relationship with that person, who cares if they are our twin flame or not?

We GET what we GIVE.

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