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When 1111 or 11:11 is NOT a Twin Flame Sign

When people contact me, they often mention that they see 1111 or 11:11 everywhere. You need to know that, just seeing four ones plastered everywhere is not necessarily a sign from the universe. Since 1111 or 11:11 have become so well known as twin flame signs, it’s easy to get fooled by thinking if we see or hear them, we have found our true love.

Here’s When 1111 or 11:11 Probably Isn’t a Twin Flame Sign…


Pay attention when there aren’t any other signs from the universe that will point us in the direction of our twin flame, such as seeing or hearing her/his name (especially if it’s an uncommon one, or if it’s first and last name together), or her/his birthdate (especially if it’s with the year too).

The key is the more uncommon and unlikely the sign is, the more the universe is sending us a private message.


Sometimes when we want that person to be our twin flame, we will start helping the universe by watching out for 1111 or 11:11. We might catch ourselves waiting for the clock to change, and guessing when 11:11 is.

It’s not much of a sign from the universe if we don’t trust that we’ll notice it when it does happen.


A sign from the universe has a feeling attached to it. We feel something that is either emotional or physical. Emotionally we might get an “aha”, feel touched, or feel a little spooked out by how the sign appeared. Physically we might get chills, goose bumps, teared up, or feel our heart center expand.

The feeling that comes with the sign is almost always more important than actually seeing or hearing 1111 or 11:11.


Even if you do get others signs, are not looking for 1111 or 11:11, or do have a feeling when you see or hear it, it still takes inner work to have a happy outcome.

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