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Why People Who Feel Unworthy Can Have a Hard Time Meditating

There are lots of us who can’t get ourselves to sit down, be quiet, and relax for more than two seconds. Sometimes it’s a symptom of not feeling deserving or good enough.

We Probably Feel Unworthy When Meditating Causes Us to…


When we feel unworthy, we tend to keep crazy busy trying to prove our worth. So, when we take time out of our day to do nothing, we feel guilty for not being productive.


When we feel unworthy, we tend to think others are more important, which causes us to have a habit of filling our day caring for their needs. No wonder we have a hard time putting ourselves first, even for a few minutes.

3   WORRY-

When we feel unworthy, we tend to make meditating a horrible experience by worrying if we are doing it correctly. Because we have a habit of criticizing ourselves for every little thing, the last thing we want to do is spend time meditating the wrong way.


When we feel unworthy, we tend to constantly compare ourselves with others. If we are having difficulty siting down, or slowing our thoughts, we beat ourselves up. That then causes us to not feel as good as other meditators.

Pay Attention to How You Feel!

If you feel this way when you try to meditate, it’s not surprising you want to avoid it like the plague. The act of meditating is not important! There are lots of different techniques that get the same effects. What is significant is if you want to continue to feel unworthy.

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