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Why is Telepathy so Important in Twin Flame Relationships?

If you have a successful twin flame union you are probably not reading this. So this is for those of us still struggling with the twists, turns, ups, and downs, of the runner/chaser relationship.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, this twin flame thing is all about doing our inner work and learning new things. One of them is learning about a different way to communicate, using telepathy or mind-reading.

Instead of relying only on physical touch, and the written/spoken word, telepathy is the ability to go deeper by picking up the thoughts and feelings of the other twin.

Here’s Why Telepathy is so Important in Twin Flame Relationships. It…

  • Helps us feel connected even miles away.
  • Can stop the doubts and fear.
  • Eliminates the urge to keep secrets from one another.
  • Allows us to feel safe in the truth.
  • Intensifies intimacy.
  • Is a way to get closer to God or the Higher Power.

As you can see, learning to use telepathy can help take the intense craziness out of the relationship.

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