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Why is Telepathy Important in Relationships?

Why not take what your loved one says for face value. Isn’t it about trusting them?

NO. Here’s why…

Many times our loved ones say things either (consciously or subconsciously) to…

  • Please us
  • Not hurt our feelings
  • Get what they want
  • Stop our nagging
  • Make themselves look better
  • Avoid punishment
  • Change the subject
  • Try to convince themselves


Have you figured it out? Trusting someone based only on what they said is really hard and not always reliable.

But, if we pay very little attention to what is actually said and call on our inner guidance, God, or a Higher Power we can pick up our loved one’s underlying thoughts, emotions, and the truth.

Using telepathy is always reliable, it stops us from being blind-sided, and helps us avoid the heartache. We may not like what we get, but it’s always right.


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