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How to Use Telepathy with Romance

Do you want to know what your loved one is really thinking? Are you tired of doubting whether he/she is the one or not? Read on…

It’s easy to take at face value what your loved one says or writes you, but that can be so deceiving, especially within romantic relationships. There are all sorts of alternative motives for them writing or saying the things that they do.

Here are some…

  • Sex
  • To Please you
  • To follow Society Norms
  • To Please their parents or friends
  • For Money
  • Arm Candy
  • Companionship
  • Gain Status


For the truth, go deeper. Telepathy or mind reading is the ability to pick up the thoughts and feelings of the sender to get the whole message.

One of the easiest ways to find out what your loved one is thinking about you is really pay attention to what you are thinking and how you are feeling about them.

Don’t focus too much on what your loved one says, instead notice how you are feeling about them when they say it.

For instance, if they say “I love you,” ask yourself “Do I love them?” If the answer is NO, then they probably have an alternative motive, or they are not aware of their own true feelings. What’s really important is how you feel about them. If it’s true love, you both feel it.

So, when your loved one writes or says “sweet nothings” in your ear, it could easily be just that, “nothing” camouflaged in niceness.


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