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How to Get Your Desires to Come True Using Your Intuition

Probably all of us have desires and dreams. Some of us have a dream of a deep meaningful relationship, as twin flames do. Perhaps you desire a successful career. You might desire having a family, or living in paradise with the perfect weather and breathtaking scenery. There are thousands and thousands of different desires to choose from.

So, what can hold them back?

Often what’s stopping your desires from manifesting is whether they originate from your intuition, or originate from your ego.

The Difference Between Your Intuitive Desires and Your Ego Desires


The Ego

One of the best ways to tell the difference is by asking yourself if your desire is centered around trying to fulfill a NEED. Your need might be for companionship, someone to love, to feel worthy, to have plenty of money, or anything else you think you can get from it that you don’t already have.

It’s trying to use your desire to solve your problems.

Your Intuition

If your desire is not centered around fulfilling your NEEDS, it’s a sign it’s coming from your intuition. When you DESIRE something and don’t know why you want it, your probability of it manifesting is a lot more likely. It will also be very gratifying.


The Ego

The ego initiates desires that rectify or improve what happened in the past. It starts from judging that someone has done something wrong or that something has gone wrong. In both scenarios, it is a desire for correction or a punishment of some kind. For instance, you might have the dream of having a family to rectify how poorly your parents brought you up.

This kind of desire might come true, but they are often unsatisfying, and/or disappointing.

With the example above, you could find out it is harder to raise kids than you thought, and you end up doing the same behaviors you blamed your parents for. Or your kids blame you for a poor upbringing.

Your Intuition

Desires coming from your intuition don’t need to right a wrong. Instead, intuitive desires come from wanting an experience.

In the example about having a family, your desire to have children would sound so fun because you love kids and like to be around them.


The Ego

Another way to know if your desire is ego based is to pay close attention to how you feel as time passes. It’s hard to wait for any length of time for a desire to come true if you are focused on fulfilling your immediate NEEDS.

Having NEEDS to satisfy tends to cause anyone to be extremely impatient.

Therefore, if you are coming from your ego, thinking about your desire will almost always take you from feeling excited about it to an unpleasant anxious feeling. When this happens, it’s very common for another desire to be substituted. Then the original unfulfilled desire disappears from your mind.

Your Intuition

If your desire is coming from your intuition, the desire stays the same, even though you may have periods when it’s not in the forefront.

Your intuition will not change its mind over time.


Another way to know if your desires are coming from the ego or your intuition is to observe the signs from the universe. If you are confused about your desire, a sign, synchronicity, or coincidence will give you an external message to provide clarity.

The Ego

If you are getting signs in the form of obstacles or red flags, or you are being blocked in some way, it’s either not the right time or it’s time to let go of the desire.

Your Intuition

If you get signs from the universe regarding the desire that are encouraging, validating, and giving you an inward feeling that the signs are private messages just for you, it’s a good indication it will come true.


The Ego

If you are trying really hard to get excited about your desire, it’s usually coming from your ego. There is no way you can generate enthusiasm for something that you really don’t want deep down.

You can’t fake a true desire.

Your Intuition

If your desire comes from your intuition, it will be hard to NOT feel eager, enthused, and excited.

“You cannot not want what you want.”

Abraham Hicks


The Ego

With ego-based desires, it is extremely important to race to the finish line because there is a belief that the rewards only appear when the desire comes true. This is part of the impatience discussed earlier.

For instance, your desire might be to get your doctorate degree. So, from the first day of college, you have packed in as many classes as you could and studied day and night, taking no time off.

Your Intuition

With intuitive desires, the rewards are there every step of the way. There is no need to rush because the journey itself is extremely pleasant.

Even though you have a desire of getting your doctorate degree, you fully engage in the education process. You take time to reflect on the concepts and let your intuition give you “aha” moments of clarity (insights that give us an immediate understanding of something you didn’t have before).

To Sum It Up

Whether your desires come from your ego or they come from your intuition makes a GIGANTIC difference if they come true, and especially if they will satisfy you if they do.

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