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5 Ways to Make 2024 Less Stressful

Grab a hold! Approach the next few years as though you are riding a roller coaster with all the extreme highs, lows, twists, and turns. Covid-19 has triggered an acceleration of doing things differently. At the same time, things we could count on in the past are disappearing in front of our eyes.

Here are 5 Ways to Make 2024 Less Stressful…

1   Throw the past idea of “normal” out the window. The next few years will be anything but ordinary. So, don’t try to rest on your laurels and ride it out until “normal” returns. You’ll be left behind!

2   Think of this 2024 as an adventure (like a hero’s journey), that can’t be escaped, only mastered. Every day there will be new things to explore, different paths to take, lots of twists and turns, and inner demons to conquer.

3   Do your inner work and let your intuition, more than ever before, be your guide through this year. You may turn spiritual and a little woo-woo, but your intuition will always show you the easiest and most pleasant path.

4   Learn to go within and pay attention to how the energy “feels.” No matter what’s happening in your life, what anyone is doing or saying, try to stay neutral and focus on how the energy “feels.” If it feels yucky, extend unconditional love to the person(s) or even to the situation, in order to transform it. If the energy feels calming and pleasant, bask in it as long as you can.

5   This one ties into the previous two points, but is soooo important, I want to re-emphasize it.  Start heavily relying on a higher source (God, Higher Power, Spirit, Divine, Universe, or anything else you want to call it) that knows more than your ego or 3rd dimension self. That higher source is the only thing that can make this time in your life amazing. All you have to do is ask, listen, and follow through when directed to do so.

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