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How to Talk to Your Twin Flame Telepathically

Even though twin flames are telepathically connected all the time, most practice consciously talking to their twin flame in the ethers.

Be aware when you are talking, you could easily express thoughts and emotions that can keep the relationship at a standstill and painful. Or you could convey thoughts that progress the relationship and let you have an enjoyable journey along the way. It’s your choice! Here’s the difference.

3rd Dimension Mindset Talking

When we are at this lower-level frame of mind, most of our telepathic dialog centers around what’s currently not going right and what should have happened in the past. We are attempting to reach out because we are hurting or unhappy in some way.

Our Talk Has a Tendency to Consist of…

  • Apologizing or wanting an apology from our twin flame for a situation that has happened or for what is happening now.
  • Trying to help our twin flame understand our point of view.
  • Blaming ourselves, our twin flame, or their current partner for anything.
  • Missing or pining away about what we don’t have, like the ability to hear our twin flame’s voice, physically touch them, or see them face-to-face.
  • Being needy or practically begging our twin flame to do something so the current situation changes. We could even resort to making promises.
  • Judging, making declarations about what is right or what is wrong with anything that has happened or anything that is currently happening.
  • Conveying to our twin flame our daydreams and fantasies about the relationship, which is a way to take control of what we want to happen and how we want our twin flame to behave.
  • Venting or unloading our problems or the day’s troubling events.

Signs we are Talking Telepathically with the 3rd Dimension Mindset…

1  When we notice it doesn’t make us feel good either about ourselves, our twin flame, the future of the relationship, or all of them. Missing our twin flame, trying to control the relationship, begging our twin flame to do something, being judgmental, and unloading our problems can be extremely depressing for us and repelling for our twin flame. There is nothing appealing about this kind of dialog for someone who truly wants an amazing out-of-this world relationship.

2  Most 3rd dimensional talking in the ethers is meant to be a one-way conversation. We are not very concerned about listening or being open-minded to our twin flame’s dialog.

4th Dimension Mindset Talking

When we are at this higher-level state of mind, we realize that our telepathic dialog has an important part in our relationship with our twin flame, both in our experience and the timing of a happy outcome. We are attempting to reach out because we have a desire to extend loving thoughts.

Our Talk Has a Tendency to Consist of…

  • Giving thanks for the relationship and how it has helped us in our personal growth.
  • Extending loving thoughts to our twin flame, wishing them happiness and peace of mind.

Signs we are Talking Telepathically with the 4th Dimension Mindset

1  When we notice we can’t wait to do it again because it always feels good. And the more we extend loving thoughts unconditionally, the better we feel.

2  With 4th dimensional talking in the ethers, it’s more of a two-way conversation. If we don’t pick up on our twin flame’s actual dialog we will at least, feel it emotionally.

3  The best sign of all that we are reaching out in the 4th dimension is that we feel, without a doubt, our twin flame connection.

To Sum it Up

When we continue to reach out telepathically with a 3rd dimension frame of mind, it is an indication we are not quite ready for all that God or a Higher Power has planned for us in our relationship. But we will experience a more pleasant and rewarding twin flame journey when we learn to reach out mostly with the 4th dimension mindset.

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