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What Causes Loneliness in Twin Flame Relationships

Are you in twin flame relationship and find yourself struggling with loneliness? Maybe you have felt so desperate that you reached out to your twin flame, almost begging for some kind of response from them.

We can easily get hung up on thinking if things were different that miserable feeling would be gone. If we were just in the arms of our twin flame, we’re sure we would be in bliss.

Because twin flames can often find themselves physically distanced from each other and in the runner/chaser pattern, we assume that horrible feeling is caused from not being able to text, email, talk to, look at, or touch our twin flame. But is that really the reason?

Here’s Reasons for Feeling Twin Flame Loneliness…


Your ego or your 3rd dimension mindset wants you to believe the concept that you and your twin flame are separate individuals, and definitely NOT “one.” The amount of misery and longing you have is an indicator that the ego’s deception is working.


What you are thinking when your twin flame isn’t around or in physical communication with you is extremely important. The loneliness will start to fade if you extend loving thoughts and appreciation to your twin flame. The loneliness will continue to disappear if you forgive yourself and what happened in the past. You could even think about the amazing feelings you’ve experienced in the relationship, and that horrible, isolated feeling will leave.  Any thought that makes you feel better will work.


Since you and your twin flame are “one,” you are probably picking up your twin flame’s thoughts and feelings more than you realize. So, that horrible feeling of isolation might be theirs. To get relief is the same as if it was your loneliness—think loving thoughts about them, yourself, and the relationship itself.

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