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15 Signs You Need to Rethink Your Twin Flame Relationship

Since Covid-19 began in 2020, most people are reassessing their lives, whether it’s with their career, job, finances, home, health, or their priorities.  If you are one of those, it would probably benefit you greatly if you re-evaluated your twin flame relationship at the same time.

Signs it’s Time to Rethink Your Twin Flame Relationship


1   You have lost interest. If you have really found your twin flame, your desire to be with them doesn’t change. There are many ups, downs, twists and turns in the twin flame journey that may change the intensity of the desire and the priority of it, but the basic desire itself is persistent.

2   The relationship hasn’t grown or changed in some time. The 3rd dimension mindset or ego can easily cause us to be stagnant.

3   You are afraid to be honest with yourself, or with your twin flame.

4   Every time you try to reach out or even think about your twin flame, it makes you feel worse.

5   You are reluctant to forgive and want to hold onto past hurts, whether it’s with yourself or your twin flame.

6   3rd dimension forms of communication (visual, verbal, written, or being in physical proximity) with your twin flame aren’t working very well. It’s not like other “normal” relationships.

7   There is a predictable pattern in your relationship of casting blame on yourself or on your twin flame’s behaviors.

8   You find yourself using language that degrades yourself or your twin flame in any way. This could be lashing out at your twin flame, or badmouthing to others about your twin flame or your wrongdoings.

9   Things feel off. Or maybe you have noticed a lot of red flags concerning your relationship.

10   You are using devices to numb your feelings more than ever before. This could be with food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, binge watching, texting, social media, or hundreds of other things.

11   More downtime or quiet time is very appealing.

12   You are not willing to surrender your relationship to a higher source (God, a Higher Power, your Guides, Source, Spirit, Divine, or whatever term you want to call it).

13   Feeling worthy and deserving of an amazing relationship is not that important.

14   You ignore trying to take full advantage of your intuitive skills. Staying stuck in a rut makes you put intuitive insights aside.

15   You are unwilling to observe and change your mindset—your thoughts and feelings about the relationship, yourself, or your twin flame.

Even if you even identify with ONE of these signs, it would be beneficial if you took time to reflect and reassess your twin flame relationship. And if you identify with FOUR or more, you are probably experiencing the unpleasant effects of not re-evaluating your relationship and doing the needed inner work to change it.

Are You Ready to Re-evaluate Your Twin Flame Relationship?

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