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8 Signs You Use Work to Build Your Identity or Self-Esteem

Are you one of the millions who have spent years, if not decades, trying to feel worthy and significant from your work life?

Here are Some Indications You Use Your Work to Build Your Identity or your Self-Esteem…

When you…

1   Won’t think of changing careers and starting all over.

2   Allow your income to make you feel better than others.

3   Worry about your reputation.

4   Get irritated when you are not productive at work.

5   Rely on your work to feel safe and secure, especially with your income and benefits or having seniority.

6   Feel empowered by your title, credentials, or work achievements.

7   Let work success, recognition, or fame go to your head.

8   Believe losing makes you a failure. In other words, you feel important only when you beat out the competition. This means you have to constantly keep winning to feel valuable.

Here’s the Problem

As long as your income stays the same or increases, you keep being promoted, you succeed at most tasks, and get some recognition for it, your identity and self-esteem won’t waver or fall apart. But, if circumstances change to any degree, you can find yourself not knowing who you are and having a deflated self-worth.

Did You Notice?

Most of these 8 signs involve trying to build your identity and self-worth from being better or superior to others in some way. Of course, this false idea of being better than others will collapse, sooner or later.

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