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19 Signs You Need to Re-evaluate or Rethink Your Life

Lots of people are making changes in their lives, whether it’s with their career, job, finances, home, health, loved ones, or their priorities.  Here’s some signs you might want to rethink your life too.


1   Things that used to satisfy you, don’t.

2   You haven’t grown or changed in some time.  Feeling stuck can bring out the worst in us, causing us to become someone we don’t even like, let alone admire.

3   Things feel off. Or maybe you have noticed a lot of red flags in certain areas of your life.

4   You feel guarded and hesitant to reveal the truth.

5   It’s getting more difficult to communicate with others, especially with your loved ones.

6   You find yourself losing interest. Most everything seems flat and boring.

7   There is an increasing gap between your work skills and what is required for the task. Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly changing how we do our jobs.

8   You find yourself lashing out. This could be screaming, badmouthing, or just name calling. By the time you are calling yourself or others names, such as idiot, asshole, loser, or even fatty, you have done an enormous amount of “stinking thinking.”

9   More downtime or quiet time is very appealing.

10   You are reluctant to forgive and want to hold onto past hurts, whether it’s with yourself or others.

11   Feeling worthy and deserving of an amazing life is not a top priority.

12   You are using devices to numb your feelings more than ever before. This could be with food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, binge watching, texting, social media, or hundreds of other things.

13   You know you need to make changes in your life but are still afraid to get out of your comfort zone, even though your current situation is mediocre, at best.

14   You are unwilling to believe in a higher source (God, a Higher Power, your Guides, Source, Spirit, the Universe, Divine, or whatever term you want to call it).

15   Often you feel like you are a victim or have been unfairly treated.

16   You can’t get yourself excited about anything.

17   It’s been awhile since you were able to stop worrying about the future or had a good night sleep.

18   You are angry, slightly annoyed, irritated, resentful, or crabby several times a day. An “easy to overlook” indication that you are angry is if you think you have had a bad day.

19   You are unwilling to observe and change your mindset—your thoughts and feelings.

Of course, if you even identify with ONE of these you would benefit if you took time to reflect and reassess. And if you identify with SIX or more, you are probably experiencing the unpleasant effects of not re-evaluating your life and making those needed changes.

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