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13 Signs You’re in a False Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship

When we first meet someone who whips us off our feet and we have out-of-this world chemistry, it’s easy to believe we have finally found our twin flame. But often we are obsessed with a false twin flame or someone who we are in a karmic relationship with. It can be very difficult to tell the true twin flame apart from a false or karmic relationship, especially in the beginning of the relationship.

Here’s 13 Signs You Probably Have a False Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship…


1   We notice that within a short time (days, weeks, or months) the strong interest in our special person begins to gradually decrease. Over time we almost always will feel less passion and less connected.

2   The conversations with our special person are short, limited, or stay on the surface. There are few discussions, if any, that are lengthy, cover practically every subject possible, and dive deep—sharing experiences and feelings freely.

3   We catch ourselves defending—justifying, explaining, or making excuses for—our relationship. That’s when we try to convince others, or more importantly, ourselves, that we are NOT in a false twin flame or karmic relationship. It’s like we are ashamed or feel it’s wrong not to find our true love yet. It’s NOT! Probably, all of our heart-felt relationships are karmic (having at least one lifetime with that person not ending with unconditional love), including a true twin flame relationship.

4   We feel uncomfortable in our special person’s presence. Being around them might make us feel tense, frustrated, or unworthy in some way.

5   Things feel off. Maybe we notice a lot of red flags.

6   We find ourselves not willing to be fully honest with our special person. For some reason we feel guarded and hesitant to reveal our true selves.

7    There is difficulty in communicating and lots of misunderstandings between us and our special person. No matter how much we try to make things right, it always seems to come short.

8   We aren’t watching ourselves grow and change. Instead, the relationship often feels stuck in a dysfunctional cycle and brings out the worst in us. We can easily become someone we don’t recognize or even like, let alone admire.

9   We recognize unhealthy and hurtful patterns, such as badmouthing and naming calling, or as toxic as physical violence or mental belittling. Anytime we have a hurtful pattern to make ourself or our special person feel guilty and be punished for some recurring behavior, there’s a good chance we’re in a false twin flame or karmic relationship.

10   There is a lot of drama, full of intensity and arguments. We notice there are more unpleasant days then pleasant days in the relationship.

11   We haven’t experienced feel good and inviting intuitive insights associated with our special person, such as paranormal events like undeniable signs from the universe, telepathy, visions, lucid dreams, and astral projections. We can get those with false twin flames and karmic relationship too, but they are not feel good and inviting. They come in the form of warning signs.

12   We have tried to convince them why they should love us or, at least stay with us.

13   There are lots of past hurts we don’t want to let go of, whether we, our special person, or both caused them. Rather than forgiving and overcoming past hurts, our focus is turned towards getting justice. We want the guilty party(s) to feel bad and be punished in some way.

Important to Know!

There is a very fine line between a true twin flame and false twin flame or a karmic relationship. In fact, a true twin relationship is probably a combination of a soulmate and a karmic relationship. True twin flames tend to have had several lifetimes together, during which they just couldn’t get it together and unconditionally love themselves and each other.

Both kinds of relationships are beneficial and instrumental in learning how to unconditionally love—and both kinds are extremely hard to end or get rid of unless this is learned.

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