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Why Do INFJs Chase or Run From Their Twin Flame?

INFJs are connectivity seekers and are one of the few Myers-Briggs personality types who search and actually find their twin flames. Like so many twin flame relationships, INFJs often experience the runner/chaser pattern. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons INFJs would chase or run in their twin flame journey.

Why INFJs Would CHASE Their Twin Flame…

INFJs Tend to…


INFJs usually get laser focused and driven towards what they are passionate about, which might cause them to pursue their twin flame.


INFJs are usually future focused and strive to have structure and order with just about everything, including their relationships.


INFJs can often forecast the future, which might cause them to be determined, relentless, and often controlling. If their doubt of being wrong is strong, there is a tendency to want to take control of the whole process to make sure it happens, which brings on the need to chase.

Why INFJs Would RUN from Their Twin Flame…

INFJs Tend to…


Because INFJs are only 2% of the population, there might be a tendency to doubt themselves, as 98% of the population probably doesn’t understand their twin flame obsession. They could run while they get clarity.


INFJs usually try to maintain social norms in order to create harmony. That means they might be tempted to put their own desires aside to appease their friends and loved ones, and run.


INFJs can be perfectionists and are always working on improving themselves. Until they are perfect enough, they may feel undeserving of such an amazing relationship. To continue making themselves good enough, they may think they need to be alone.

Summing it Up

Of course, whether INFJs chase or run, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. One is not better than the other. What really matters is to understand that there is a reason for everything, even in the runner/chaser pattern.

If you identify as an INFJ, take full advantage of the time apart from your twin flame! Really get into your inner work and learn how to optimize your intuition or inner guidance to the maximum. It will make the runner/chaser pattern bearable and shorten the timeline.

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