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14 Signs You May NOT Find Your Twin Flame

Maybe you think your life would be better if you found your twin flame?

I’ve got news for you! Most people won’t find their twin flame in this lifetime. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There is a large portion of the population that would have a better chance of finding satisfying love with a “normal” or soulmate relationship.

Here’s 14 Signs You May NOT Find Your Twin Flame in this Lifetime…

When You…

1   Are unwilling to believe in a higher source (God, a Higher Power, your Guides, Source, Spirit, the Universe, Divine, or whatever term you want to call it).

2   Always need to be in a physical relationship with someone—practically anyone—for companionship.

3   Have no desire to forgive events, situations, or disagreements you have had in the past. That includes your own actions, those of past partners, or anyone else.

4   Are not willing to give up numbing your feelings. This could be with food, pills, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, impulse buying, keeping crazy busy, or the hundreds of other obsessions or addictions.

5   Find comfort in and try to live by rules, traditions, and obligations others have established.

6   Have little interest in knowing someone deeply—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

7   Need to use your five senses—what you see, hear, touch, taste, or smell to believe in things.

8   Enjoy small talk and get overwhelmed with deep meaningful conversations.

9   Believe you can hurt other people and others can hurt you by telling the truth.

10   Are concerned with fitting in or belonging.

11   Not willing to learn to love someone unconditionally, no matter what they say or don’t say, or do or don’t do. This means with both your partner and YOURSELF.

12   Have no desire whatsoever to experience the psychic insights, paranormal events, undeniable signs from the universe, telepathy, visions, lucid dreams, and astral projections associated with twin flame relationships.

13   Strongly believe your thoughts are private unless you express them.

14   Are unwilling to observe and change your mindset—your thoughts and feelings.

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