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Do Twin Flames Have Children Together?

The answer to whether twin flames have children together lies in your definition of a twin flame relationship. One definition is “mostly normal” with a strong attraction for each other. The other definition is “not normal” with an intense, all-consuming attraction that never ends.

“Mostly Normal” Definition of a Twin Flame Relationship

With this version, you can have a strong attraction for each other, like you were meant to be together in this lifetime. You might even have a lot of the twin flame signs, such as experiencing that deep love everyone talks about, recalling past lives together, and becoming aware that you are telepathically connected. But as the months or years pass, that strong attraction you once had starts to diminish and may even fade away.

There is also a tendency to want to set up house, marry, and have children, just like any other “normal” relationship. With this definition, the answer is YES, you are likely to have children together—mainly because that’s what you desire.

“Not Normal” Definition of a Twin Flame Relationship

The “not normal” definition of a twin flame relationship is an extremely intense attraction that is ongoing, whether you are physically with them or not. That person is on your mind day in day out, accompanied with a drive to grow closer and closer until you are eternally “one.”

The relationship is far from  “normal” with all the ups, downs, twists, and turns involved in releasing the ego or 3rd dimension mindset. It takes a lot of inner work!

With this type of relationship, it seems that children (especially under 12) would get the raw end of the deal having parents preoccupied with each other. So, the answer is NO, you are not likely to have children together. The twin flame journey is hard enough without feeling guilty for not paying attention to your children.

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