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Why ISFJ Personality Types Probably Won’t Be in Twin Flame Relationships

Do you think your twin flame has an ISFJ Myers-Briggs personality type? Maybe you’re an ISFJ that thinks you should try to go look for your twin flame?

I’ve got news for you. ISFJs are not really wired for twin flame relationships. There is a lot better chance of finding satisfying love with a normal or soulmate relationship.

Here’s Some Reasons Why ISFJs Probably Won’t Be in Twin Flame Relationships…

 ISFJs rely on the five senses—what they see, hear, touch, taste and smell. They often need to see evidence of the relationship before they believe it. So, having their loved one near them, or at least, being able to physically communicate with them, is extremely important.

A lot of the twin flame relationship requires them to believe in the relationship even if they don’t physically see, hear, touch, taste, smell or communicate with their twin flame.

2   ISFJs tend to focus on history and past experiences. More than any other personality type, they believe that the future will repeat the past. So, if you are an ISFJ who perceived that your loved one has hurt you in some way, it will be difficult to think it won’t occur again and again.

In order to get past the intense ups and downs of the relationship, twin flames have to learn how to focus on a happy outcome in the future. Can you imagine how miserable and hopeless it would be if twin flames believed all their past mistakes for all their lifetimes together would keep recurring?

3   Change can be particularly hard to accept for an ISFJ. They tend to have a fondness for repetition and redundancy.

The unpredictable twists and turns of the twin flame relationship would drive them nuts.

4   ISFJs are not eager to do their inner work or use their intuition. Almost always, a situation or relationship needs to reach the breaking point before ISFJs are willing to do even the slightest inner work, change their mindset, or pay attention to their intuition or inner guide.

Without enormous amounts of inner work and relying on their intuition or inner guidance on an ongoing basis, a successful twin flame relationship is impossible. The twin flame journey is all about becoming spiritual and learning to love someone soooo much they are willing to give up their egos.

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