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Adapt a Jesus-Like Mindset if You are Unsure About Your Twin Flame

So many of us spend so much time being unsure. We get so worried about whether that special person we keep thinking about is our twin flame or not. Is it really that important to know if you have found the one? To help you get some clarity and perspective, try adapting a Jesus-like mindset.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

1   Would Jesus wonder if he was wasting time on the wrong person?

2   Would Jesus not ask God for guidance with this relationship?

3   Would Jesus get worried when something changes in the relationship?

4   Would Jesus let that special person hurt his feelings?

5   Would Jesus claim his doesn’t know how to listen to God’s voice, his inner guidance, or intuition?

6   Would Jesus focus on his own or that special person’s wrong doings, faults, or differences?

7   Would Jesus try to make that special person feel guilty for what they did or didn’t do?

8   Would Jesus lack the willingness to forgive both himself and that special person?

9   Would Jesus stop having faith if he couldn’t see evidence of the relationship?

10   Would Jesus not trust that God’s got a plan for this relationship that will benefit everyone?

11   Would Jesus question his worth or feel not good enough to do what God asks for this relationship?

Some of those questions you might answer with a YES because of your religious beliefs, but with the majority of those questions you would probably answer with a NO.

Would all our doubts and fear about that special person we keep thinking about fade away if we just followed Jesus’s example?

If you want a good book on how to adapt a Jesus-like mindset, A Course in Miracles was supposed to have been channeled from Jesus.

If you want to be like me I will help you, knowing that we are alike. If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind.”

A Course in Miracles, Chapter 8, Section IV, Paragraph 6

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