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Are You Having a Difficult Time Forgetting the Past?

We probably all think about people we have encountered and things that have happened in the past. We might remember certain relationships, significant events, or challenging situations. The big question is, when we think of those things, does it make us feel bad?

If it Does, We are Stuck in the 3rd Dimension Mindset

The 3rd dimension is about judging things as either right or wrong. If we label someone or something that happened as wrong, it will make us feel bad—if not immediately, then it will over time.

Move Up to the 4th Dimension Mindset

It’s not too late! Change the way you are experiencing the past, right now. Instead of reliving the bad feeling over and over, year after year, change your perspective of the past.

The 4th dimension mindset cares more about feeling good then wanting to keep judging it as wrong.


Did you know feeling bad about the past can easily cause us to feel unworthy?

Are You Ready to Get Rid of the 3rd Dimension Mindset?

This self-study course helps you change the mindset you have about yourself, the past, and the world around you. You will be able to finally feel worthy and not feel bad about the past. For more details.

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