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How A Course in Miracles Relates to Feeling Worthy

A Course in Miracles is all about changing our minds, which includes how we think about ourselves. Most of us work on trying to reduce our habit of judging others—probably because it feels lousy and we’ve seen how easily it can backfire on us.

But when it comes to not judging ourselves—usually there is no mercy. We are determined to continually criticize our behaviors, our past, our appearance, and who we are until we feel absolutely worthless. Do we really believe we deserve that kind of cruel treatment?

Here’s What A Course in Miracles says:

          “You do not need God’s blessing because that you have forever, but you do need yours.”

In another section it says,

          “If you choose to see yourself as unloving you will not be happy. You are condemning yourself and must therefore regard yourself as inadequate.”

And another,

          “Every minute and every second gives you a chance to save yourself. Do not lose these chances, not because they will not return, but because delay of joy is needless. God wills you perfect happiness now.”

To feel worthy of happiness and joy, all we have to do is change our mind about ourselves.

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