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How the Twin Flame Journey is Like the Movie Groundhog Day

Through the years, I must have watched the 1993 movie Groundhog Day a dozen times. Not only did the movie make me feel good, but I thought it was very spiritual in a mainstream way. It also helped me strengthen my belief that “there are no accidents” and my attraction to the movie was setting me up for my own version of Groundhog Day.

Here’s How the Twin Flame Journey is Like the Movie Groundhog Day


In the movie, the main character, Phil Connors, is reliving the same day over and over as if he was stuck in time until he learns how to unconditionally love.

In the twin flame journey, it seems almost all our waking hours are focused on our twin flame. This goes on day after day, month after month, and year after year. The happy ending only occurs when we unconditionally love ourselves, our twin flame, others, and God or a Higher Power.


At first, Phil Connors doubts himself and thinks he might be crazy, going to the doctor for a checkup and to a therapist.

Twin flames do the same, thinking we might be crazy and doubting ourselves. We also reach out to therapists, psychics, and, of course, the Internet to help us.


Getting angry about his situation, Phil lashes out by criticizing and being downright cruel to others. Thinking the clock might be to blame, he finally throws it across the room, breaking it. But as he finds out the next day, his rage had no effects. The clock was in perfect condition and the alarm rang the next morning as usual.

In the twin flame journey, we often think it is a curse, trying to blame everyone and everything for this never-ending horrible experience. We soon find out our upset has no affects in changing the situation. Our twin flame is still on our minds every day.


Phil also tries to change himself to please others. He memorizes everything about other’s likes and dislikes. Then Phil goes about predicting future based on what happened yesterday. When he memorizes that his producer, Rita, doesn’t like white chocolate, it backfires on him. Rita thinks he is creepy and wants to run the other way.

How many times have we been so afraid to lose our twin flame that we start saying and doing things just to please them—catering to their likes and trying to avoid their dislikes, then finding ourselves in the runner/chaser pattern?


Phil even takes it to the extreme. He wants this day to end so bad he resorts to stealing a truck, kidnapping the groundhog, and running the truck off of a cliff. But again, it has no lasting effect.

In our twin flame journey, we may resort to old destructive behaviors, such as over eating, over drinking, over working—anything just to stop this ongoing intense attraction.


Phil keeps trying to push and rush a romance with Rita, hoping to get some relief by being with her and having sex. Finally, Rita slaps him and declares, “You will never love someone but yourself.” Phil replies, “That’s not true. I don’t even like myself.” With that one statement, a lightbulb turns on in Phil. He was really honest with himself, and the movie takes a turn from then on.

We often think as soon as we are able to see, hear, and touch our twin flame, it will give us the relief we so desperately want. Yet, until we learn to love ourselves and feel worthy of that much love on a consistent basis, we cannot fully experience it.


With Phil’s realization and new outlook on his predicament, he begins by learning to focus—not in a controlling, self-centered, and wanting something in return way. He starts by simply trying to throw cards into a hat, by training his mind and concentrating on it.

A twin flame journey is mostly about training our minds away from doubt, disappointment, and unforgiveness towards ourselves, our twin flame, or anyone else. We learn the power of our thoughts like Phil did.


Phil then gives love to others with small acts of kindness, like caring for a homeless guy and surprisingly, providing coffee to his co-workers. The more he genuinely cares for others, the better he feels about himself. Phil’s courage and ability to care continue to build as he catches a boy falling from a tree and saves a man from choking.

Even though it seems unrelated, the more we genuinely care for others and forgive them, the better we feel about ourselves and the easier our twin flame journey will get.


Phil evolves into letting go of “ho-hum” and instead, having a deep desire to be inspired and excited in what he does. This is shown by him taking up ice sculpting and playing the piano with feeling.

For most of us on the twin flame journey, “ho-hum” becomes less tolerable. We become more intuitive, creative, and learn to absolutely love our activities.


By taking time to become a person Phil could admire and love, he attracted others who admired and loved him too. Everyone at the dance thought highly of Phil and voiced their appreciation of him. When he stopped actively chasing Rita, he became a strong magnet of attraction.

When we push to get our twin flame physically near us, we don’t think our ability to love and be ourselves is important. Neglecting our inner work will not make our magnet strong enough to hold the relationship together for long!


Phil wakes up with Rita in his arms, pinches her to see if it is real, and says, “Something is different. Anything different is good. But this could be real good.”

Finally getting your twin flame back in your arms is wonderful, but it could get real good!


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