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Signs You Feel Unworthy of Your Twin Flame Relationship

What’s on our mind the most when we are separated from our twin flame? Wondering when we are going to get together, of course. We just want them in our arms, and the sooner the better.

Just for a minute, take a broader perspective about your relationship. Why are they not with you now? Your inability to feel worthy of that much love on a consistent basis plays a major part in that.

Here’s Some Signs We Feel Undeserving of Our Twin Flame Relationship…

When we…

  • Have plenty of regrets about anything that happened in our past.
  • Strongly believe we need to do something to be loved or accepted.
  • Depriveourselves of the things we want.
  • Constantly worry about what we did or did not do.
  • Feel we are never good enough.
  • Find it difficult to accept praise or appreciation from others.
  • Are afraid to tell the truth to others.
  • Think and talk about our past mistakes a lot.
  • Have a hard time accepting kindness from others.
  • Feel we would be worthier if we looked,spoke, or acted differently.
  • Have a fear of not living up to others’ expectations.
  • Focus on what we are doing wrong and our faults.
  • Feel guilty and apologize often.
  • Find ourselves sacrificingand compromising more often than not.
  • Lack the willingness to forgive ourselves.
  • Think there are things we can improveon or change to be worthier.
  • Focus on trying to please others.

Until we feel we are worthy of our twin flame relationship, we will, to some extent, sabotage our relationship.

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