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Take a 3rd and 4th Dimension Quiz

Are You Operating Mostly in the 3rd Dimension Mindset or Moving up to the 4th?

Some of the most popular blogs I’ve posted have been on the subject of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. The top 3 in order are…

17 Signs of Living in the 4th Dimension

15 Signs of Living in the 5th Dimension

16 Signs You are Trying to Live in the 3rd Dimension

There must be a lot of people interested in the different mindsets. Or maybe people are having a difficult time still trying to live in the 3rd dimension, which is full of rules, obligations, and traditions.

Take this short dimension test and see if you are still in the 3rd dimension consciousness, or if you are moving up to the 4th dimension.

3rd & 4th Dimension QUIZ


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