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A Big Reason to Get Help With Your Twin Flame Relationship

When I have a conversation with potential coaching clients, almost everyone’s main concern is, “when will I physically be with my twin flame?” The magnetic energy is so intense, sometimes it can feel unbearable. We automatically assume that once we are physically with our twin flame, it will become bearable.

Here’s the problem! Being physically near your twin flame before you are ready causes you to sabotage the relationship and the runner/chaser pattern.

Read this next part carefully! The reason the twin flame pull is so magnetic and intense is to keep us focused on our mission and most of all, willing to do our inner work and change our entire way of living in order to have our twin flame union.

So, the biggest reason to get help with your twin flame relationship is to…

Shorten the timeline!

If you roll up your sleeves, and do the inner work that is needed, a happy outcome with your twin flame occurs a whole lot sooner.

You can get help from almost anywhere, but here are two ways I can help you other than my blogs and videos…

How to have a Happy Outcome with your Twin Flame Relationship 


This program explains in great depth the complex twin flame concepts and how to actually move past the challenges to have a happy outcome. For more Details


Twin Flame One-on-one Coaching

Coaching consists of 45-minute sessions over the phone (within the United States). The client chooses the subject or subjects they want help with for each session. For an initial coaching and consulting session at a discounted price, contact Vickie Champion.

For more Details