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Why are We Excited About Finding our Twin Flame?

What’s all the excitement about twin flames?  Apparently, according to the spiritual community, the planet is going through an acceleration of some sorts and twin flame unions are surfacing at an alarming rate. One of my life coaching clients said she heard the label “twin flames” from different people three times this week alone.

Who wouldn’t want to find the most fulfilling relationship humanly possible? At first glance the thought of having someone to complete us and the feeling we finally found a “home” is absolutely irresistible.  And who wouldn’t want to have sex that is out of this world amazing?

The problem is, most think all they need to do is go out and find their twin flame. Then whistles will blow, bells will ring, and fireworks will ignite. And a new deeply connected, wonderful life will encompass them. It doesn’t work that way.

First of all, our twin flame cannot be found. They will appear automatically, but only when we are ready mentally and spiritually.

Secondly, no one or nothing can complete us. We are already complete and whole. We can think we are incomplete, but it’s a faulty concept to begin with and not true.

Let me explain it this way…

No matter how hard we try, we can never fill our imagined half empty glass, especially with a relationship. But with God’s (Higher Power’s, Source’s, Spirit’s, Inner Guidance’s, whatever you want to call it) help, we become aware that we are completely full to the brim already and nothing is missing. When we start believing we are already complete and whole, we will tremendously increase your chances of actually meeting our twin flame.

The overflow from both parties’ full glasses is the fuel that ignites the twin flame union. Therefore, a twin flame union is an expansion of what already is. Two people that believe they are whole and complete that share it with the other one.

Don’t worry!

It’s not necessary to have a twin flame to be happy. If we think our glass is completely full and we don’t need someone else to fill it up to make us happy, our chances grow substantially in having a wonderful relationship that is perfect for us.


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