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Wanting Someone-Is it Obsessive or a Twin Flame?

Have you ever wanted someone so bad, you can’t see straight? You can’t seem to get them out of your mind. At times, it’s all consuming to the point you can’t think of anything else.

This feeling probably happens to some degree with all romantic relationships. Although if we look deeper there is a distinct difference between wanting to be with your twin flame and leaning towards an obsessive relationship.


Here’s the Difference….

When you Want to be with a Twin Flame…

You HAVE NO IDEA WHY. It’s not explainable. No matter how hard you try, you can’t come up with much of anything to justify your desire. In fact, you probably have hundreds of reasons why not. And you tend to constantly question yourself, “Why them, of all people?”


When you are Leaning Towards an Obsessive Relationship…

You HAVE LOTS OF REASONS WHY you want to be with that person. There is a strong tendency to think you would be the picture perfect couple. In fact, you probably spend hours daydreaming about how great it will be when you are finally together.

Even knowing this distinction, sometimes it’s hard to tell what kind of relationship you are focusing on.

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