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Dating Others and Having a Twin Flame

What do we do when our twin flame is currently with someone else? Do we wait for the duration or do we go out and try to find someone else to fill their place? There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Finding Someone Else

Advantage of Finding Someone Else…

If we are honestly not interested in having a happy outcome with our twin flame or we are really in an obsessive relationship, then finding someone else is really good for us. It will help us let go and move on.

Disadvantage of Finding Someone Else…

If our twin flame is really our twin flame and not some obsessive relationship, finding someone else will make the situation worse. Not only will we not be able to get our twin flame out of our mind, but it will be hard to deal with the dishonesty, guilt, and regrets that comes with our new relationship. It’s really difficult to have a happy outcome with our twin flame when we are with someone else.



Disadvantage of Waiting…

The big disadvantage in waiting to be with our twin flame is we can let our thoughts go into a downward spiral. Impatience, self-doubt, judging ourselves and our twin flame, and feelings of unworthiness can all creep into our mind. It makes the wait depressing and extremely painful.

Advantage of Waiting…

Instead of finding someone else or making the wait painful, we can  roll up our sleeves and do our inner work. This really shortens the timeline for a happy outcome with our twin flame.


Here’s the Problem with Twin Flame Relationships

We can try to find a substitute relationship, make our experience painful, and drag it out, but we will inevitably have to do our inner work, whether it’s in this lifetime or the next.

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