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Attracting Someone-Is it Obsessive or a Twin Flame?

So, you have your eye on someone really, really, special… all-consuming special. Or, maybe you have come across one of those obsessive relationships full of agonizing years of trying to convince that person you are the perfect couple and never really succeeding. Read on if you want to know if you have hit the jackpot and found your twin flame, or if it’s time to move on.

Here’s the Difference…

When you come across an Obsessive Relationship…

You will try everything you possibly can to get and retain the relationship. If you have come across one of those obsessive relationships, you will say and do whatever it takes to win over your true love’s heart. This can consist of bombarding them with sweet nothings and the L word, changing in order to get their approval, holding back little secrets, telling white lies, trying to make them feel guilty for not paying enough attention to you, apologizing constantly, trying to make them to feel jealous, orchestrating ways to run into them on purpose, trying to get close to his/her friends, or even plotting ways to break up their current relationship with someone else.

When you come across your Twin Flame…

You will try everything in your power to get rid of them. Twin flames experience an overwhelming feeling of love that often gets so intense it seems unbearable at times. So, it makes sense they will do anything to get some relief.

Life for a twin flame often becomes a painful inner struggle fighting with their own heart. A twin flame will try anything to sabotage the relationship including trying to deny it, ignore it, avoid it, control it, judge themselves and their twin flame, and even trying to pray it away.

Even knowing this big distinction, sometimes it’s still difficult to tell what kind of relationship you are focusing on.

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