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Are Twin Flame Relationships Becoming a Trend?

Are you having trouble finding that one person that you can live happily ever after with? Maybe you are going from one painful relationship to another year after year. Or are you the third wheel staying away from any relationship whatsoever?


Times are a-changing!

I think it’s getting more difficult to fit relationships into a box with rules and restrictions. You know the typical scenario, boy meets girl, they date, they get married, have children and live happily until one of them dies. Maybe you grew up with parents who were able to fit their relationship into a box and are trying to coax you in that direction. Maybe it’s been part of your culture or religion for centuries. Maybe you see some of your friends who can live in a traditional relationship, which makes you wonder, “What in the heck is wrong with me?”


Here’s the problem!

Most of us can’t make ourselves jump in the box even for a little while, no matter how hard we try. We are either gay, a successful professional female, a male who wants to stay home and take care of the kids, we come from divorced parents and can’t imagine tying the traditional knot with anyone, or we want to marry for love.  Do I need to go on? And even if we could make ourselves jump in the box, it’s getting extremely difficult to find a partner who wants to jump in the same restrictive box with us.


What’s this got to do with twin flames?

These kinds of relationships usually are not trying to control love with male and female role playing, having expectations, and traditions. Twin flame relationships focus on learning how to unconditionally love each other, having the freedom to be who they really are. They don’t depend on their partner to make them feel better about themselves.


The Conclusion

If you can’t get yourself to conform to a traditional relationship, you’re not supposed to. Change the focus of your relationships to unconditional love, being who you really are, and taking responsibility for your own happiness. You’ll find the new trend fits you.


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