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About the Twin Flame Age Difference

“I’m really having a problem that my twin is twelve years younger. Why is there such an age difference?” One of my coaching clients questioned.

I think this is undoubtedly one of the hardest difference twin flames face, especially the older one of the two. So far, not once has the subject been brought up to me with the younger of the two.

Here are Two Reasons for the Age Difference…

1  Twin flames are filled to the brim with extreme polarities, ranging from different personality traits,  income brackets,  backgrounds, religions, beliefs, and physical characteristics. The age gap is usually one of them. The opposite factor plays a significant role in what makes your unconditional love for your twin like no other.


2   Let’s not forget the twin flame connection has a bigger purpose for humanity, and is not a typical storybook romance. Because the twin flame connection is all about breaking the norms, changing rules, and shaking things up, it would make sense that the age gap would play an important part in this. What bridges the generation gap better than a romance between two individuals growing up in different time spans?

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