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Twin Flames: Avoid the Urge to Jump the Gun

Maybe you know who your twin is, but yet have not actually met yet? Or perhaps you have met, but one of you is in the process of running. No matter what your current situation is, the all-consuming intense twin flame energy can be extremely difficult to deal with.

In the midst of a spell of this powerful energy, it is harder than blazes to sit still and not take action. Sometimes we want to take action to get rid of the energy all together for some relief. Sometimes we want to take action and do something to get our twin to come closer.  And then there are the extremely rare times that we take action because God or a Higher Power instructs us too.

Here’s the key to whether or not the action will have a happy outcome…

Before taking action of any kind, and ask yourself these questions,

          “Am I trying to take control of… (fill in the blank).”

          “Am I afraid of…. (fill in the blank).”

If you are, it would be better if you would just sit down, take some deep breaths, and try to embrace the energy instead.

The twin flame journey is about going within, letting go of the fear, the need to control, and just trusting God or the Higher Power. A happy outcome will happen with little or no effort on your part when the time is right.


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