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A Chart of the Differences in the 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensions

Do you know there are different levels of consciousness? As I was posting blogs on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimension mindset a few weeks back, I received a few requests to put the distinctions in a chart form, so it could be easier to understand. I agreed.


3rd Dimension 4th Dimension 5th Dimension
About PHYSICAL Doing About MENTAL Doing About WATCHING it being Done
Let's SOMEONE ELSE take control TAKES Control SURRENDERS Control to Higher Power
AVOIDS Change WANTS Change ACCEPTS and watches things MELT Together
Take advice solely from people in AUTHORITY, such as religious leaders, political leaders, doctors, or scientists Listens to people in AUTHORITY, but makes their own decisions. Follows INNER GUIDANCE
Individuals that live SEPARATE lives Individuals that feel CONNECTED to others Only continuous ONENESS
Rarely listens and follows their INNER GUIDANCE or intuition Begins listening and following their own INNER GUIDANCE or intuition Only listens and follows INNER GUIDANCE or intuition
We are only HUMAN We are SPIRITUAL in a HUMAN body We are only SPIRITUAL
Believes there are innocent VICTIMS. They suffer because they were HURT by someone, or something else out of their control. Believes there is FREEWILL. They can make different choices about where they will go, what they will do, and what will happen. Believes their only choice is between LOVE or FEAR. The HIGHER POWER will take care of where they go, what they do, and what will happen.
Togetherness is having your BODY CLOSE to other bodies Togetherness is FEELING the CONNECTION Togetherness is knowing we CAN NOT DISCONNECT
Lets FEAR stop them. Avoids doing FEARFUL things. Has the COURAGE to overcome fearful things. They feel the fear and do it anyway. Knows FEAR is just the EGO holding you back.
Owning MATERIAL POSSESSIONS is very important. Usually wants MORE or BETTER Material Things Realize there is NO VALUE or substance in owning Material Things. It's not bad/good or better, it's nothing.
ANGER and GRUDGES are justified Learns FORGIVENESS changes the direction of your life for the better. Knows there is NEVER anything to FORGIVE
RIGID BELIEFS Characterized by POLARITIES, such as right/wrong, black/white, rich/poor, victim/victimizer, or feminine/masculine. Can see value in both sides and DIFFERENCES start disappearing The are NO DIFFERENCES only ONENESS


3rd Dimension 4th Dimension 5th Dimension
AMOUNT of physical touch is important QUALITY of physical touch is important Physical touch is NOT NECESSARY
Try to find SAFETY in things outside of yourself such as money, employers, guns, or a strong mate. Finds SAFETY within by using thoughts, and feelings. Finds SAFETY knowing all there is, is LOVE
There are things to be FEARED Changing thoughts and perceptions release FEAR Know there is nothing to FEAR at all
Needs QUANTITY of time from others Wants QUALITY of time from others TIME with others is not necessary. The connection comes from within.
Only REACTS to what happens Is PROACTIVE. SETS GOALS to achieve what they want Only follows INNER GUIDANCE
Thoughts are PRIVATE unless you express them There are NO PRIVATE thoughts Thoughts are INTERCONNECTED
Wants MATERIAL GIFTS that represent love (Birthday, Mothers Day, Marriage) Wants MEANINGFUL GIFTS Everything is a GIFT if it is perceived correctly
Makes PROMISES Listens to INNER GUIDANCE before making promises There is no need for PROMISES. Lives in the PRESENT.
DAYDREAMING about scenarios about righting a wrong or REVENGE. DAYDREAMING about scenarios of wanting MORE of something or that make things BETTER. No need for DAYDREAMING. Everything is perfect exactly the way it is.
Tolerates PAIN in the body Thoughts HEAL PAIN in the body There is NO need for PAIN or even a BODY
Takes things PERSONALLY. Thinks people can HURT them. They disregard their own thoughts and perceptions about the situation. Knows you can't be HURT without your own permission. Recognizes their thoughts and perceptions have everything to do with the situation. Knows HURT of any kind is IMPOSSIBLE. We are all one and nothing is different.
Everything takes TIME and EFFORT Notice things no longer have to take a lot of TIME and EFFORT by focusing and using your intuition. There is NO TIME, only the present moment.
Have an ENERGY that is dense and heavy Have an ENERGY that is lighter and less dense Have an ENERGY that is only LIGHT and LOVE

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