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How People Pleasers Waste Time

In an effort to DO IT ALL and take care of EVERYONE, people pleasers are in a chronic state of not having enough time. Not only that, but they tend to waste the time they have.

 Here’s how People Pleasers Can Waste Time…

They tend to…

  • Underestimate the time it takes to accomplish a task.
  • Over prepare, just in case.
  • Read and respond to a good portion, if not all of their emails.
  • Spend extra time looking for and choosing the perfect gift or card.
  • Answer the phone no matter what they are doing or how inconvenient it is.
  • Go out of their way to communicate in person instead of email because it’s more personal.
  • Fix everyone else’s mistakes, whether it’s co-workers, family, friends or even strangers.
  • Let clutter build up which makes it hard to focus on anything very well.
  • Refuse to ask for help when they are drowning.
  • Let interruptions and socializing get in the way.
  • Makes it a practice to let others end conversations first, no matter how tight their schedule.
  • Work when they are really tired, burning candles at both ends.
  • Feel it’s easier to do it themselves, rather than to delegate.
  • Let incomplete and unclear communication complicate their task.
  • Give long explanations instead of short replies to emails.
  • Wait on colleagues who abuse their deadlines.
  • Skip allotting the time to think about easiest, fastest way to do something.
  • Neglect taking breaks to rest and recharge.

People pleasers will never have enough time, because they won’t take the time to manage and nurture their own lives. Refusing to care for themselves first short-changes the time that they could have enjoying a fulfilling life and sharing that joy with others.

When you’re ready to stop wasting time and learn to say no in a gentle way, check out my Painless Ways to Stop People Pleasing—How to Say NO and Still be Kind video series.

See my entire People Pleasing section.  If you need more advice on time management, contact Vickie Champion for a discovery coaching and consulting session.