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What Really Helped me Understand A Course in Miracles?

Like most people who attempt to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM), at first I to was lucky to understand even one sentence on a whole page.  All I knew was my intuition was nudging me to learn concepts in this blue book. ACIM was the only self-help book that didn’t contradict itself. So I figured if nothing else, it was written by someone or something greater than me.

Now let’s get to the point. What really helped me make sense of this new way of thinking was joining with others who were also students of ACIM. You’ve probably heard two heads are better than one. Well in this case it really was true. I used to attend classes sometimes as many as four times a week, and I would usually leave with “Aha” moments.

Marianne Williamson was the best. Back in the early 90’s (before she wrote Return to Love) she had a way of taking ACIM’s  mind boggling concepts and putting them into real life situations in an entertaining, in your face kind of way. I loved it, maybe because my personality made me that way also. Most Saturdays I would drive 80 miles up to West Hollywood, CA to hear her speak. For years Marianne often lectured in the Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, CA) area.

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