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6 Things Women People Pleasers Don’t Realize

Are you staying at the office longer than anyone else? Do you keep getting passed up for promotions? Did you raise kids that feel they are entitled? Did you get a divorce and still don’t have a clue why?

It’s easy to think nothing about our “people pleasing.” We might even think of it as kind of “endearing. “

Well, all I can say is that I have coached hundreds of women who have let their need to please ruin various aspects of their lives, whether it was their health, finances, careers, or relationships.

Ladies, read these 6 things! It might save you some difficult, painful years.

Here Are Things Women People Pleasers Don’t Realize…

1 Your fear of not pleasing, rejection, feeling lonely and isolated will get worse with time. Fear intensifies as the people pleasing continues.

2 Your fear of letting your friends and family down will get so bad that you will actually start hurting their feelings on a steady basis. What you most fear will happen.

3 You are teaching others (especially your daughters) by example that “people need to be nice and perfect to be loved.” There is no such thing as unconditional love. Love has to be earned hour by hour with what you say or do for others.

4 Just by the nature of people pleasing, you attract personal and business relationships with people who tend to be unhappy, self-absorbed, and controlling.  They usually take advantage of your “niceness,” and have very little, if any respect for you as a person.

5 You probably will get sicker and be overweight from suppressing your anger.

6 People pleasing is not embedded in your DNA, nor is it a life sentence. It’s just a HABIT and a way you choose cope with life. I know. I tried for many years to be a people pleaser until I got so miserable I had to really look at my fears and work through them.

Don’t let this happen! The only enemy is fear. When we stop avoiding our fears and learn to get rid of them, the better life will be.

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