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12 Ways to Stop People Pleasing

Either you read some of my previous blogs on being a chronic people pleaser or you self-diagnosed. But you’re ready to do something about it because the people-pleasing habit had wrought havoc on either your health, professional or personal life – maybe all three. Let’s get started!

1 Make your goal in life to be happy instead of being perfect.

2 Make today the first day of the rest of your life and forget your past mistakes.

3 Appreciate what you did right every day. Understand? Did right. Don’t beat yourself up with your woulda, coulda shoulda lists.

4 Start being more proactive instead of reactive.

5 Begin making little decisions to build the trust in yourself.

6 Slow down and get yourself off of auto-pilot. Know you have a choice.

7 Figure out a loving way to say no without lying or confrontation.

8 Stop promising so much.

9 Pay attention to your feelings more than the feelings of others.

10 Do positive affirmations, like “I am loving and lovable all the time.”

11 Realize people pleasing is just a habit, it’s not a personality trait.

12 Stop criticizing yourself for every little thing you think you do wrong.

Many clients of mine have been chronic people pleasers for most of their life. But recovery and rehabilitation is possible. Small steps go a long way toward breaking the habit of saying yes all the time and sacrificing your health and happiness.

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