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Disadvantages of Hiring People Pleasers

You read in the Advantages of Hiring People Pleasers, that people pleasers as employees are going to work hard, be considerate and generally go along with whatever new direction the company plans to take. Great, right? You better think about it before you jump on that recruitment wagon.

Here are the Disadvantages of Hiring People who Need to Please…

They usually…

1  Tend to exaggerate situations and can get frightened easily.

2  Require lots of compliments and plenty of appreciation, because they base their self-esteem on what they do for others.

3  Find it really difficult to make decisions so they often rely on others to make decisions.

4  Make it a practice to overapologize.

5  Have trouble being impartial and objective. People pleasers tend to do just about anything that will keep others from displeasing them.

6  Avoid asking for help when they are drowning.

7  Feel insecure when interacting with others.

8  Hold back from saying what they really think.

9  Are unable to direct or manage others.

10  Become the victims of other team members or clients taking advantage of them.

11  Suppress their anger for fear of hurting others.

12  Tend to rescue or make excuses for incompetent members of the team.

13  Suffer burnout or get ill from all the extra work.

Just like anything, hiring a people pleaser as its pros and cons. People pleasers can be excellent employees in the right situations.

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