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Advantages of Hiring People Pleasers

People who need to please as employees appear to have many positive traits. They’re not going make trouble, they keep their head down, nose to the grindstone, go along and get along and embody many more cliches about working hard.  See if you recognize any employees you’ve hired or even aspects of yourself in this listing of advantages to hiring people pleasers.

Here are the Great Advantages of Hiring People Pleasers…

They are usually…

1  Easily liked by co-workers, clients, and anyone else that walks in your door.

Courteous and considerate of others at all times.

Hard workers, doing more than their share of the load.

4  Striving to perform perfect work and be perfect employees.

5  Very organized.

Team players and cooperative when it comes to the company changing directions.

7  Willing to do jobs no one else will do.

8  Never ask for help or complain.

Sounds like the perfect employee right? Before you jump to hire these people pleasers before anyone else does, see my next blog on some of the downsides, Disadvantages of Hiring People Pleasers.

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