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How to Get Rid of Feeling Guilty!

You don’t have to be stuck with that churning feeling in your gut called guilt. Many times we don’t even consider whether guilt is something we can overcome. We just assume we must live with it like a bad haircut. But guilt can be transformed.

Warning! Before you read this blog, you might want to read the blog on “What is Guilt?” so this will make more sense.

Remember guilt is nothing more than making up a rule or belief we think we need to follow and then breaking it.

Here are Three Ways to Release Guilt:

1 We can make up a NEW rule to follow.

An example is:
The original rule was “Good parents spend time with their kids.” If we change it to “Good parents love their children,” the guilt releases.

2 We can THROW OUT the old rule completely.

An example is:
The original rule was “In order to lose weight, I have to stay on this diet.” Simply toss out the old rule with a thought of, “Thanks for sharing, but I don’t believe that rule any longer.  I can lose weight in hundreds of ways.”

3 We can admit we did something that didn’t BUILD our self-esteem and then do something about it that WILL.

An example is:
The original rule might have been “Good sales people offer customers products that would be good for them.” Rather than selling your client a product to earn a commission, you decide instead to follow your original rule whether you get paid for it or not.

Guilt feels awful. But it doesn’t have to continue to eat us up inside. We can begin to see guilt as a signal that something about our beliefs or behaviors need to change.

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By Vickie Champion