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Are You Still Unsure if You Have Met Your Twin Flame?

Are you still going from being sure you have met your twin flame to doubting it terribly? It is extremely difficult to believe in a relationship without seeing physical evidence for verification, or if you are constantly getting mixed messages. Here are 6 ways to know if that person is the “one.”

6 Surefire Ways to Know if You Are in a Twin Flame Relationship


The first surefire way, and probably the most significant, is asking yourself if your attraction for that person is centered around trying to fulfill a NEED. Your need might be for companionship, for sexual intimacy, to feel safe, to feel worthy, to have adequate finances, or anything else you think you can get from that person.

Essentially, it’s trying to use that person to solve your problems.

If your attraction is not centered around fulfilling your NEEDS, then you might have met your twin flame. When you DESIRE a relationship with that person it is centered around wanting to give unconditional love to them, no matter what happens in the relationship. That doesn’t mean you might not have a NEED lingering about, but it does mean you don’t expect that person to fulfill it for you.


The second surefire way is to pay close attention to how you feel as time passes. It’s hard to wait for any length of time for the same person when you are focused on fulfilling your NEEDS. Having NEEDS tends to cause anyone to be impatient.

Let’s introduce another kind of relationship—the karmic or false twin flame. If someone is a karmic or false twin flame, your intense attraction to be with that person will begin to disappear, sometimes almost immediately. You’ll have to be really honest with yourself and very observant about how the relationship feels on this one. With time, the relationship will go from exciting and pleasant to unpleasant and downright painful.

On the other hand, if that person is your twin flame, your intense attraction to be with them is consistent over time, even though you may have periods when it’s less intense. But the desire stays consistent. That makes the twin flame relationship timeless.


The third surefire way to know if you have met your twin flame is to pay attention to the signs from the universe. What’s nice is that if you are confused a sign, synchronicity, or coincidence will give you an external message to provide clarity.

If you are not getting any signs from the universe, you’re not paying attention to them, which means you are not ready to meet your twin flame yet.

If you are getting signs in the form of obstacles or red flags, that person is probably a karmic or false twin flame, or it’s time to let go of the relationship.

But if you get signs regarding that person or your relationship that are encouraging, validating, very positive, and giving you an inward feeling that they are private messages just for you, it’s a good indication. The more of these signs you get (we’re not talking about a few signs, we’re talking about dozens and dozens over a stretch of time), the more likely it is you have met your twin flame.


The fourth surefire way is having an uncanny ability to receive that person’s thoughts and emotions telepathically. It’s usually a big portion of the intensity and the really high highs and the really low lows. You can be telepathic with anyone—but it’s an absolute MUST, if you are in a twin flame relationship. Your ability to be aware of that person’s thoughts and feelings may waver from time to time, but you “know” that you have and can access their inner world.


The fifth surefire way is if you have knock-out battles between your mind and your heart. You probably have met your twin flame if no matter how hard you try, or what you do, you cannot get rid of the intense desire to be with that person. You will even pray more than a few times to have your life return to normal and get rid of this intense desire.

If you want that person to fulfill your NEEDS, you’ll go full speed ahead trying to get what you want from them. There will be no praying for your life to return to the way it was, just praying to have that person rescue you.


The sixth surefire way to know you have met your twin flame is that you are being led down a spiritual path. There are lots of paranormal events, remote touch experiences, visions, and dreams. Your intuitive abilities will increase substantially, as will your telepathic skills. Don’t forget the undeniable signs from the universe.

You will experience these and often be bombarded with them, one after another. In fact, they can happen at such a speed and intensity, that all your pre-programmed religious beliefs of what is right and what is wrong will wobble, with most fading away.

If that person is a karmic or false twin flame, you will have those same experiences, but they will often either give you mixed messages or lean toward an unsettling or uncomfortable feeling.

If you want that person to fulfill your NEEDS, you won’t have many of these spiritual occurrences at all. You will be focused on what you can physically see, hear, and touch.

To Sum It Up

Just because you are wanting someone to fill your NEEDS or that person is a karmic or false twin flame, it doesn’t mean you won’t meet the “one” in the near future.

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Are You Still Unsure Whether You Have Found Your Twin Flame?

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