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Does Every Personality Type Have a Twin Flame?

The answer to that question can have two different answers depending on our definition of twin flame relationship.


If we define twin flame as a special relationship with one special person that will be so intense and magnifying that we will do anything, including giving up our ego (3rd dimension) for it, then the answer is NO. There are very few who want to lose their self-image to melt into the oneness (5th dimension) with another person.

If a person is an ISTP, ISTJ, ESTP, or ESTJ Myers-Briggs personality type probably the last thing they want in life is a deep, out-of-this-world relationship with anyone. According to Myers-Briggs, that’s approximately 30% of the population.

But if a person is an INFJ, INFP, or even an INTJ they would probably would love it.


But if we ease up on the twin flame definition and consider it to be more of a relationship with another person that we are to learn how to unconditionally love and feel a connection with, the answer is YES every personality type has a twin flame or true love.

In fact, we’re ALL here on earth to learn how to love ourselves, others, and everything else.

If you are unsure whether or not you have found your twin flame, try easing up on your twin flame definition. It would probably make it simpler for you to just go ahead and learn how to unconditionally love the person you keep thinking about. There are no real benefits in waiting to love anyone who comes into your life.

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