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What does Fear & Anger Have to do With Sickness?

Have you noticed that some people don’t get sick no matter how contagious the disease is? Yet others are always ill. Have you ever taken time to wonder why?

One explanation someone told me when I was young changed the rest of my life. As a child, I seemed to be sick a lot and the older I got, the worse it was getting—until I made an observation. I noticed that one of my college roommates was never sick no matter how many people coughed and sneezed near her.  I finally asked her why she was exempt. She said, “I don’t want to be sick.”  Could it be that simple? Do we have a choice if we want to be sick or not?

I quickly put it to the test and found out that we do have a choice, or at least, I did. Whenever I’m afraid or upset about anything, I usually get physically ill in some way. That also includes accidents that hurt various parts of my body.

What I also noticed is that the more I focused on things that scared me or the angrier I got about something, the more severe the illness. It seemed easier to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head than to change my mindset.

So, when I started to look at my thoughts and beliefs when each illness surfaced and dealt with the emotional end of it, my ailments either disappeared or my intuition led me to the remedies. It never failed.

The way we think has an enormous power to influence our health! We can change any physical condition, virus, or disease with our thoughts and beliefs. With love, being open-minded, forgiveness, faith, and a positive attitude we can experience miracles concerning our health.

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