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How Fear Affects Your Twin Flame Relationship

Have you noticed, the more fear you’re in, the less you feel those warm and fuzzy feelings from your twin flame? It seems like feeling the connection goes in and out depending on how much fear (worry, concern, anxiety) you are experiencing.

Here’s the thing! The fear doesn’t even have to be about our twin flame or our relationship. The more we worry or get upset about something—anything—the less we feel the loving connection.

Fear blocks our awareness of love.

How Fear Affects Our Twin Flame Relationship…


1   Fear Can Bring the Ego (3rd dimension mindset) to the Surface-

That means every negative feeling we could imagine can rear its ugly head when we are afraid. Some common ones related to our twin flame are feeling hopeless, jealous, impatient, confused, guilty, judgmental, and inadequate. 


2   Fear Can Tempt us into Using Something to Try to Relieve it-

This could be anything—we can use food, pills, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, being crazy busy, binge watching, or hundreds of other options.

But let’s be honest. That something doesn’t really get rid of our fear at all. It numbs us so we don’t have to feel it. The problem is that using something to numb the fear usually dulls all feelings, especially the really good ones.


4   Fear Can Block Our Intuition or Inner Guide-

When we are afraid not only does it shut off our connection with our twin flame, it also stops our ability to be aware of our inner guidance or intuition.


5   Fear Can Distract Us from Doing Our Inner Work-

We can get so wrapped up with what’s happening and what might happen in the future, that it steers us away from doing anything to get us out of the fear and back on track with our relationship.


6   Fear Can Completely Stop a Happy Outcome with Our Twin Flame-

In fact, fear is the only thing that kills a twin flame union. The good news is, both of you have to be in fear to stop it. Because twin flames are the same soul, if only one of them chooses to get out of the fear, the other one will eventually follow.

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