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19 Signs We Are Trying to People Please with our Twin Flame

The difference between people pleasing and unconditional love is simple. The need to please is rooted in fear, and with twin flame relationships we are usually afraid our twin flame will run if we don’t at least try to please them. On the other hand, unconditional love comes from extending love and not caring about what happens—run or don’t run, it doesn’t matter.

Here’s Signs We’re Trying to People Please in our Twin Flame Relationship…

When we…

1   Say yes when we want to say no.

2   Think nothing of telling white lies to avoid hurting our twin flame.

3   Worry about what we did or did not do.

4   Secretly, think we are responsible for our twin flame’s happiness.

5   Have a habit of blaming ourselves for what happened.

6   Take things our twin flame says or does for face value.

7   Will do anything to keep our twin flame from running.

8   Feel we are not good enough for our twin flame.

9   Try to adapt our lifestyle to fit theirs.

10  Apologize to make our twin flame feel better and/or to avoid conflict.

11  Feel we would have a better relationship if we looked, spoke and acted differently.

12   Are afraid to tell the truth.

13   Try to fix our twin flames problems for them.

14   Deprive ourselves of things we want for the sake of the relationship.

15   Think our twin flame’s opinions are more important than our own. We can almost deny our own thoughts and feelings.

16   Believe doing more than is required in any situation—that by going an extra mile, our twin flame will appreciate and respect us even more.

17   Adjust our behaviors according to what your twin flames likes or dislikes.

18   Avoid doing or saying anything that might upset our twin flame.

19   Claim we don’t know how to listen to our inner guidance or intuition.

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