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Twin Flames: Listening to Music

Have you noticed how music can affect your emotions? There is something about certain songs that have a direct line to our hearts.

That being said, be careful if you’re not currently together with your twin flame and you’re in the runner/chaser phase. Pay attention to how you feel when listening to your favorite love songs. Does it make you feel better or worse about your situation?

I bet you, most of the time you will feel worse. How do I know?

Because the majority of love songs are about love gone wrong. Love songs tend to be about missing a loved one terribly, how a loved one hurt the singer, or someone’s willingness to do absolutely anything to get their loved one back in their arms. Most love songs are probably written right after a breakup.

If you get into songs that make you feel worse, then it’s easier to start doubting yourself or your twin flame, feel sorry for yourself, and get downright depressed about the relationship.

But, if you get into songs that make you feel better, it gives you hope, and shortens the timeline for a happy outcome with your twin flame. (See my blog, Twin Flame Songs)


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